Tentacles! They are the prehensile, snakelike limbs of our dreams. Their coiled shiny shapes slither through our imaginations. And now, a brand new art show, curated by Star Wars superfan Bonnie Burton, celebrates them like never before. Check out some great images!

The art show, called simply "Tentacles!", opens May 4 at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle. According to the show's event page on Facebook:

From Cthulhu and Krakens to the lovable octopus, and everything in between, this art show promises to fill your obsession with all things tentacle! Once again we called upon author and pop culture extraordinaire Bonnie Burton to curate, bringing together over 40 of her favorite artists to one show.

Check out some of the great art from the show here, and see the rest at the Ltd. Art Gallery tomorrow!

Banished from Dimension X by Blain Hefner


It Came From Beneath The Sea by James Gilleard

Last Caress by Christina Lank


Lord Cthulhu's Ultimatum by Chet Phillips

Mondays by Craig Church


Octopup by Nathan Hamill

On a Clear Night by Adam Levermore


Roctopi by Aaron Jasinski

The Green Tentacle by Paul Ainsworth


The Madame by Josh Ellingson

The Siren by Nan Lawson


Three Steeples by Kara Lise Alexander

Tentacle Poster