Tennis Star Plans Super Trip From Courts To Multiplexes

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Having just won the Wimbledon ladies tennis tournament for the third time, it's time for Serena Williams to start turning her attention to new frontiers, and we're not talking making mixtapes for Nike; apparently, she's hoping to become a superhero.

The UK Daily Mirror newspaper reported that Williams is looking to step up her acting career (She's previously appeared as a guest on er and Law & Order: SVU) with a meatier role with a tougher stance on evil:

I don't get the opportunities but I would love to play a superhero character... With my body type I would be good at action movies, maybe doing my own stunts. I would be really good at that.


Hey, Marvel: Looking for a Captain Marvel for your Avengers movie? I think a stunt-casting opportunity just presented itself...

Serena Williams wants to play movie superhero []

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have they found a Wonder Woman already?