You’re not shooting the bullet, you’re catching it.
You’re not shooting the bullet, you’re catching it.
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But only some. You know how Christopher Nolan is.

Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan, and movie theater owners would very much like for Tenet to be the first major film to enjoy a theatrical release since the initial waves of the covid-19 pandemic led to theatergoers staying home and cinemas closing their doors indefinitely.


Despite the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing, the studio’s still betting on Tenet releasing on the big screen. It’s tough to imagine people flocking to theaters with bated breath to see it, though—not because the trailer doesn’t look interesting, but because, again, there’s a pandemic sweeping across the world.

Speaking of that it is!


Much as the trailer doesn’t explain Tenet’s mysteries, it does clear up a bit of the confusion surrounding whether the movie would focus on time travel. Strictly speaking, that appears not to be the case, as multiple characters reference the manipulation of time and the trailer showcases how various people are seemingly able to affect objects in ways that cause them to move in line with the course of events that either have or have not yet happened.

Tenet is apparently still scheduled to hit theaters on July 17, despite the fact the updated trailer just says “coming to theaters” at the end with no date specified. Our guess is that was done just in case. For now, still July 17.

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