We say "almost," because like many of the bets in Richard Wiseman's earlier bar-trick videos, a few of these are liable to get you punched in the face. (I'm looking at you, #4. Ten to ten? Really?)


That being said, some of these are actually pretty clever. Flipping your friend's glass over so she can't get to her drink relies on pressure and surface tension. Removing an ice cube with string is possible thanks to a phenomenon known as freezing point depression. (When the salt hits the ice it lowers the melting point of the solid, allowing the string to sink ever so slightly into the cube. Shortly thereafter, the path taken by the string freezes back over, trapping the string inside.) And we're particularly fond of the topological tricks behind #3 (coin through paper) and #2 (freeing the roped scissors).


[Richard Wiseman via Laughing Squid]

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