Ten bets you'll (almost) never lose

Have you got a go-to pub trick? These crafty little stunts are meant to shock or impress your friends, and maybe even win you a little money (or at least your next drink). Many people know one or two pub tricks that they can rely on when the situation arises, but Richard Wiseman — master of ceremonies at Quirkology — knows dozens.


Featured above is his latest video: Another 10 bets you will always win — though we're inclined to describe then as "Another 10 bets you'll almost always win"; some of these tricks are a little tougher to pull off than ones in Wiseman's previous videos. As always, the key to pulling these off flawlessly is practice, so get to it.



Challenge your friends that they'll hate you before the night is over. When they accept, perform these ten tricks and watch as they call you an ass.

(I liked a lot of these, actually. I'm going to go annoy my friends.)