This hotel is one of several temporary structures that Travelodge is building out of stackable, prefab sleep pods. The company rolled out the pods as a stunt last year, suggesting people could use them for outdoor festivals like Burning Man. Each pod is ready for Martian landfall, containing a bed, bathroom, a TV/DVD player, air conditioning, and a coffee pot. Perfect for the terraforming crew! What do they look like when unstacked and left in the open air?

Here's one of the pods:


Travelodge imagines they'll build more temporary pop-up hotels out of the pods whenever the need arises. A rep from the company said:

It could facilitate the creation of hotels on a temporary basis at times of peak demand in certain locations — such as festivals or sporting events

Like I said: Mars seriously needs these. How else will we keep the Martian Land Rovers company?


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