Temple of Doom's Sacrifice Scene Is So Much Creepier With Lego Ewoks

Image: Still via Youtube

In hindsight, Return of the Jedi’s Ewok Village scenes have a lot in common with Temple of Doom’s sequences with Mola Ram. After all, both are about human sacrifice, it’s just that one happens to be perpetuated by sentient teddy bears. Which is why a mashup of both, held together by the glue that binds all good mashups, Lego, is surprisingly effective.

YouTuber Minifigery’s C-3PO and the Forest of Doom takes the dialogue—well, blood curdling screams and constant chanting—of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’s sacrifice to Kali and sets it over a wonderfully silly yet still weirdly creepy stop motion animation of Lego Ewoks torturing a hapless C-3PO instead of revering him as a golden god.

There’s some lovely touches in there—3PO loses his arm as he did in The Force Awakens instead of having a robo-heart ripped out of him, and instead of the Ewoks worshipping Kali, they’re worshipping the melted helmet of Darth Vader (which even gets stolen by a certain eager fanboy interloping on the scene). But mostly, it’s a surprisingly effective way of showing just how creepy an Ewok can be beneath that cute, fluffy exterior.


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