Telltale Set Video Of An Oceanic Six Encounter

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Spoiler pride! A new Lost set video shows just what the Oceanic Six gets up to in a couple of weeks. Plus more Doctor Who set reports, Dollhouse casting, Supernatural secrets and Star Wars pics.


Doctor Who:

Those set reports we covered yesterday, involving people running around a tunnel with a charred skeleton, didn't include some casting speculation. Fans thought they saw actor Adam James, who's already appeared with David Tennant in The Extras Christmas Special, on set. Also, Glenn Doherty seems to be playing a top police officer. Also, Noma Dumezweni seems to be back as UNIT Capt. Magambo, after her appearance in the alternate-universe episode "Turn Left."Meanwhile, a DJ reported that a "really big name" will appear in the 2009 specials. Bigger than Kylie? We'll see, I guess.

Plus more scene details. Doherty sees the burning skeleton in the tunnel and shouts, "Call in UNIT, Emergency Code One!" And later, fans saw a scene where Doherty's police officer led a UNIT squad into the tunnel. The UNIT team leader is ignoring Doherty, saying she's read the file. But Doherty protests, "You don't understand. There are still people on that bus. She's fine." Also, Alun_Vega got some pics of a bunch of 1970s-looking cars with registrations from around 1972-1973.

[Den Of Geek and Doctor Who Forum]


Here's an official behind-the-scenes video from episode 5x04, "The Little Prince." It's a Benfrontation! [Doc Arzt]

One thing we'll get a lot of this year is answers about the backgrounds of the freighter people. And if you're confused, don't worry — the show moves incredibly fast this year and resolves itself super quickly. It becomes basically a new show every six weeks. [MySpace via Doc Arzt]

The show just filmed a new scene with Charles Widmore himself, walking out of Widmore Industries and talking on the phone. Meanwhile, a second unit was off filming scenes at the Waikiki Yacht Club. [Hawaii Weblog]


Juliet's always been one to sit back and figure out how to turn things to her advantage, but this season there's no sitting back for her. She's constantly reacting to danger. And maybe the Others wanted Juliet's help because they don't age but can't reproduce — a dilemma which she might be able to sort out for them. [NY Mag]

Christopher Jaymes will play a character named "Doc" in episode 5x08, "LeFleur." [SpoilersLost]



Another casting call. The show's twelfth episode will feature a young woman named Wendy, who's "average and appears vulnerable." She's a huge guest star. Also heavily featured is a yuppie business man in his thirties or forties. There's also a handler in the Dollhouse, Samuelson, a friendly older male doctor, and Nita Walsh, a twentysomething woman. [SpoilerTV]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here are some new pics of Lok Durd, the unfortunately named character played by George Takei in Friday's episode. [Comic Book Resources]



Dean's mission from Heaven is connected to the time he spent in the Bad Place. And there's more story coming connected to what Dean did in Hell. And Sam has a very strong reaction to those revelations — one which has repercussions for the rest of the season. Castiel will be back soon and often — a drinking game may be indicated. We'll also learn what that demon meant when he said, "We've got everything just the way we want it." Lilith is "very active behind the scenes" this season, but we'll also be seeing her in the flesh again. [TV Guide]


Kyle XY:

Here are five clips from next Monday's episode. OMG Kyle saw Jessi's boobs!


Marvel Comics:

Writer Ed Brubaker shared some hints about the Captain America and Daredevil comics. Cap is moving towards an explosive 50th issue, which will include a huge shock. Meanwhile, there'll be an issue devoted to Sharon Carter and her memories of the day Steve Rogers died, which may change how you view those events. And Bucky, the new Captain America, is still dealing with his past as the Winter Soldier, and that's going to come to a head. In Daredevil, there'll be a solo issue dealing with the Kingpin in Spain, and then he'll come back to New York City. [Sci Fi Wire]


True Blood:

In episode 2x03, "Scratch My Back," we'll meet Missy, a "recovering fangbanger" who has bite marks all over her neck and roots growing out of her goth dye job. She makes one speech in the episode. Meanwhile we also meet Lindsey, a twentysomething who "puts the moves on Eggs" and gets topless. [SpoilerTV]


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.


"a DJ reported that a "really big name" will appear in the 2009 specials. Bigger than Kylie?"

The only person that needs to be a guest star on that show is Bowie. Oh just get it over you guys.