Telltale Captain America set photos! Plus a Mad Men star becomes the X-Men prequel's main mutant.

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Captain America will feature a controversial sequence after all, and we've got set pics to prove it. The Avengers won't shoot in 3-D after all. Betty Draper is the X-Men's White Queen. Plus Fringe, Chuck, True Blood, Battleship and Smallville.

Captain America & The Avengers:

This item applies fairly equally to both movies, so we're putting them together. Contrary to yesterday's reports, The Avengers might not be shot in 3D after all, at least if one reads between the lines of comments by Captain America Joe Johnston. Both movies (along with Thor) will be shot in 2D, then converted to 3D later. He suggests that the 3D cameras are completely impractical to shoot action movies like Captain America (and, by extension, The Avengers), and that's why he decided to shoot the movie in 2D and then convert it to 3D. For those worried about the quality of that conversion, Johnston defends the process, saying as long as a movie is always conceived as eventually being in 3D and enough time is taken with the conversion, the finished product can be almost indistinguishable from a movie shot in 3D. He points out that even 30-35% of Avatar was shot in 2D and converted later, and "[he] challenge[s] anyone, myself included, to watch the picture and spot the 2D conversions." [Earth's Mightiest]


Back in February, there were reports that Captain America would be serving as an entertainer in the USO, and that's where he first dons his iconic costume. The idea of Captain America entertaining the troops instead of punching Hitler may have upset some fans, but apparently true. Here are photos from the Captain America set, showing the USO stage where Cap starts out his career as a USO performer, as well as a tank at what appears to be a MASH unit. [The Media Club]

X-Men - First Class:

January Jones, Mad Men's Betty Draper, has reportedly signed on as Emma Frost. Rosamund Pike and Alice Eve were previously rumored for the role, which is thought to be a relatively major one out of the fifty or so characters this movie apparently has. [Deadline]

Speaking of which, the prequel's cast just keeps on growing, as the same report mentions Zoe Kravitz (the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz) has signed on to play Angel and Son of Rambow actor Bill Milner is playing the young Magneto. Another report indicates child actress Morgan Lily has signed on to play the younger version of Mystique. (Winter's Bone star Jennifer Lawrence is playing the adult version.) This is somewhat strange, as the comic book version of Mystique is thought to be nearly immortal and definitely over 100 years old. So either there's going to be a flashback to very long ago, or the film features some radical departures from the comics. [XMF]

Wolverine 2:

It's just Marvel movies day, isn't it? Hugh Jackman has reportedly dropped out of Avon Man (which, sad to say, is not a superhero film) to focus on getting into fighting shape for the Japan-set sequel. That probably means the movie is going ahead relatively soon, assuming Jackman doesn't need two years or something to bulk up. [Deadline]


Transformers 3:

A news report lists Tyrese Gibson's character as "Retired Master Sgt. Ray Epps", suggesting he's had a change in status since the last movie. Considering set reports still show him working with Josh Duhamel's William Lennox, this might suggest they're now working outside the military. Or he retires at the end of the movie, having grown too old for this shit, as so often happens to movie characters. Or it's a typo. Your choice, really. [Post-Tribune]


It feels just like old times! (And by old times, I mean like a week or so ago.) Here are some Chicago set pics and a video from that parking garage where they're blowing up cars for some reason: [TFLAMB]


Supermodel-turned-occasional-actress Brooklyn Decker has reportedly joined the cast of this movie, which, again, is a 200 million dollar adaptation of the classic board game that pits battleships against aliens and already costars Rihanna and Tom Arnold. You know, I love the world in which we live. I really do. [Latino Review]


Underworld 4:

Kate Beckinsale's return to the franchise has reportedly been pushed back a year, with the release date now set for 2012. [Coming Soon]


30 Days of Night - Dark Days:

Here are some images from the direct-to-DVD sequel that might not be a total waste of time. [ShockTillYouDrop]



Because Peter doesn't have an alternate version, he will only appear in the even-numbered episodes that are set in our universe. That means we'll have to survive on dangerously low levels of Joshua Jackson, but we're all just going to have to find some way to cope. [E! Online]



When asked about a possible resurrection for Brandon Routh's Daniel Shaw, Yvonne Strahovski laughed it off, suggesting people just want to see Chuck and Sarah togetter at this point:

"I think we have to leave the love triangles alone this time around because I think the fans just want to see Chuck and Sarah together for a little while before we bring in an evil love interest. They're together now. It gets very couple-y. We're sort of finding our couple feet and the story is going to take us into finding Chuck's mother."


[E! Online]

The same report also mentions that the show is looking to bring in a major name to play the wife of Armand Assante's Latin American dictator, Alejandro Goya.


Ryan McPartlin says that, even though the show is introducing Chuck's mother, his dad is definitely, absolutely dead, "because you have to make that threat real." So the world will just have to keep waiting for that Scott Bakula/Linda Hamilton team-up. [Fancast]

Adam Baldwin says it's just a matter of time before his fictional daughter Alex goes out on some missions. [TV Guide]


True Blood:

Season four will introduce Hallow Stonebrook, who's a were-sorceress/necromancer in the original novels. Alan Ball calls her a medium and says she can communicate with the dead. So she's one of the witches the fourth season is reportedly introducing. [The Ausiello Files]


Michael Emerson reaffirms the fact that he would love to appear on the show, and he's hopeful the show can "fine some little tidbit for me" in the fourth season. He also mentioned that Arlene, played by his wife Carrie Preston, is "going to have some superhuman challenges coming up."

[E! Online]


The clip reel from Comic Con has finally hit the net. Most of it is from episodes that have already aired, although you can see new stuff right at the beginning and around the 2:10 mark. [The Live Feed; thanks to James Hibberd for the tip!]


Stargate Universe actress Ming Na will guest star on an upcoming episode, and judging by one of her tweets, she shares scenes with Fargo. No word yet on her character, but this probably isn't the next big Syfy character crossover. Though one can dream... [Gateworld]


James Callis posted that he really enjoyed shooting the ninth episode...and that "you'll see why." [James Callis Messageboard]

Syfy has renewed the show for a fifth season. Don't look now, but this is slowly but surely creeping up on being the channel's longest-running show. [TV Guide]



Executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson explains how the show will deal with the departure of Chloe. Since her leaving is essentially a trade to save Oliver Queen, the young Green Arrow will spend the opening of the season trying to get her back. Eventually, he might reassess whether she can actually be found:

Peterson: "Hunting [for her] may not really be a good thing. He's got to weigh that decision."
Souders: "Giving up is maybe not quite the way he would look at it, but letting go might be part of his scenario."


[TV Guide]

Here are some set photos from the fourth episode, "Homecoming": [@Pursuit23 and via OCSK]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.

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