Tell Us Your Most Inspirational Stories of Heroic Comic-Book Store Clerks!

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Running a comic-book store is a tough, lonely job. You have to help people find the perfect comics for their individual taste, and also deal with a certain amount of obnoxious customers. So let’s salute some of the greatest heroes in comics: Tell us your story of a heroic comic-store worker!


You don’t have to mention the name of the store (although you’re welcome to) and details can be kept anonymous. But please share your stories (that you or your friends witnessed firsthand) of comics-store employees being awesome or just especially helpful. Bonus points if you’re a comic-store worker yourself and want to talk about your excellent colleagues!

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When I was a kid we moved to a new town halfway across the country. We moved during the summer, too, so I couldn’t rely on starting school to meet new folks. Really didn’t help that my brother ditched me any chance he got either.
I’d started getting pretty down about the whole situation, everyone in the town seemed to already have their own cliques, or they were only there on vacation. Luckily I found a little independent comic store, the owners two sons were about my age too, and were helping out at the store over the summer. We were all into the same stuff, so we started hanging out more and more. Anyway, my brother got bitten by a vampire and it turns out they were actually amateur vampire hunters. With their help we killed the head vampire and saved my brother and his girlfriend from becoming bloodsuckers forever. I kinda like the town these days, without all the damn vampires.