Tell Us Your Best Trade Secret

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Yesterday, we asked you to introduce yourselves in the comments and you told us that you are: molecular biologists, HAZMAT specialists, puppeteers, writers, park rangers, 3-d animators, librarians, fans, hobbyists, and relentless enthusiasts. Today, tell us one thing you'd like people to know about your area of expertise.


Maybe you want to tell us the 60-second explanation of how a particle accelerator works. Maybe you want to tell us the best time to visit a national park. Maybe you want to tell us about the scientifically correct amount of time to sear a steak. Or maybe what the best episode of your favorite TV series is.

We're listening, so tell us your very best trade secret in the comments.


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The trade "secret" of IT staff everywhere: At least half the time we're working on an issue, we use Google to find the answer.