Tell Us Who You Would Cast in a New Version of The Matrix

Neo and Trinity from The Matrix.
Neo and Trinity from The Matrix.
Image: Warner Bros.

So there’s this bonkers rumor going around. You might’ve heard it. It says that the Wachowski Sisters are jacking back into The Matrix, directing a reboot of the film that will star Michael B. Jordan.

Is this rumor true? I mean, we live in a wacky world where a Final Fantasy VII remake is happening and people keep making Terminator movies, so, like, anything could happen. I’m skeptical, but it’s also a great opportunity for a thought experiment: who would you cast in a rebooted version of The Matrix?

I think Michael B. Jordan is a good call. He’d bring something very different to the role of Neo, who was largely passive and non-emotive in the original films (a purposeful choice, I think). That leaves us with a few big roles to fill: Morpheus, Trinity, Agent Smith, and, well, let’s say Tank. I like Tank.


For Morpheus, the mysterious, powerful mentor, I’ve got two ideas. First, there’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, one of the single most charismatic actors on the planet in my opinion. Also, as an homage to the original film, which nearly casted Will Smith as Neo, I’m willing to consider Will Smith. I’d like to see him play such a serious character.

For Trinity? Kristin Stewart. She’s fabulous, and one of the few actresses I can think of with the ability to pull off the badass mystique that Carrie Ann Moss nailed. And Stewart is, frankly, an incredible actress who I think could make a great action star.

Agent Smith is giving me a lot of trouble, however. Hugo Weaving brought such a powerful, entrancing vibe to his role and I’m struggling to think of anyone working today who has a similar quality to me. Maybe Adam Driver? He sure is good at playing surprisingly complex villains.


Oh, and Tank is Rami Malek. That’s easy. I love Rami Malek.

What do y’all think? Who should star in the who-knows-if-it’s-really-happening Wachowski-led reboot of The Matrix? Sound off below.


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Ok, assuming Michael B Jordan is Neo, we’ll keep him. I’m also assuming that the same characters will be in it, for the most part, so going with a few random characters:

Neo - Michael B Jordan
Trinity - Danai Gurira
Morpheus - Karl Urban
Mouse - Tom Holland
Tank - Dave Bautista

Oracle - Michael Emerson
Architect - Tarij P Henson

Agent Smith - Jared Leto
Cypher - Adam Driver
Merovingian - Carrie Moss (I think she’d have fun with this)
Persephone - Brad Pitt