Tell Us What These Post-Rapture Humans Are Saying And Win A Free Book

At long last, author Jim Munroe and illustrator Shannon Gerard are releasing Sword of My Mouth, the sequel to post-rapture graphic novel Therefore Repent! Now you can win a free copy by telling us what these guys are saying.

Give us some dialogue for Gerard's illustration in comments, and the top ten (as chosen by Munroe) will get free e-book versions of the comic. First place winner gets a real life paper copy. You have 24 hours: Contest closes May 4 at 11:30 PST.


We reviewed the brilliant and haunting Therefore Repent! when it came out, and you can read about it here. (That book is now available online for free, so it's easy and cheap to catch up with the series.)

Here's what's happening in Sword of My Mouth:

Ella's baby isn't quite right. But since the righteous floated into the sky and magic started working, not much is. A stand-alone story continuing on from the acclaimed graphic novel Therefore Repent!, Sword of My Mouth moves the focus from Chicago, under siege by angels with machine guns, to the urban prairie of Detroit. Folks in the D have banded together to turn land with burned-out crackhouses into farming tracts, and seem to be on a road to self-sufficiency… until Famine rides into town.


You can read more about Sword here. The book comes out Thursday in Canada, and May 15 in the States.

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