Tell Us About Your Area's Local Legendary Monsters!

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Yeah, we know: They can't all be the Loch Ness Monster or the Yeti. Still, we want to know about the mythical creatures, beasts, cryptids, and monsters that (at least as far as local lore is concerned) inhabit your locale.


Give us a description of what the legendary beast supposedly looks like and fill us in on the details of their backstory. Does the cryptid in question have any local traditions built around it or a popular nickname? Then tell us about that in the comments too!

Image: Mongolian Death Worm / Pieter Dirkx.



From Wyoming: the fearsome jackalope! It's all cute and cuddly and, uh...strikes fear into those afraid of lagomorphs!

Stories of jackalopes seen in the wild are probably based on rabbits and hares with the Shope papillomavirus. In animals this virus manifests itself as growths on the head (and around the mouth) that resemble horns. (…)