Tell Us About The Worst Time You Broke Your Phone

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There's no piece of tech that goes more places with us or serves more purposes for us now than our phones. But sometimes having all that powerful technology shrunk down into the palm of your hand means just one thing: It's all so, so much easier to break.


Tell us now in the comments about some of the phones you've had all too briefly, any misadventures that led up to your phone's untimely demise, and whether (and, if so, how) you were able to revive it.

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I work for a majour Canadian telecom company and have seen every manner of broken phones (and excuses). Everything from "I was pissed off at my boyfriend so I rolled over my Blackberry with my car" to "I got soo pissed off I bit into it, cracking the screen."

My favorite has to be the release day purchase of a Galaxy SII - the gentleman refused to take any warranty or case. He paid for the phone, walked out of the store, missed his step, dropped it, cracked the screen horribly. He then proceeded to get back into the store and yell at me because I refused to process an exchange. His wife then came into the story, and she threatened us with bad press because she is a marketeer.

People, even if you don't take the warranty, FFS! GET A CASE!
"Yeah, but then the 0.7cm thinness will be undone!"
"What's the point of getting a new phone if you can't admire it?"
"I'll just get one for 50¢ off eBay."

What's the point of admiring it when it's broken?
And those 50¢ cases don't actually protect your phone against shock, just scratches. Every penny you place in a case, you get in protection. A 50¢ case will protect your phone for 50¢. You wouldn't lease a Ferrari, then go shop for tires at Wal Mart.

Get. A. Case.
A good one.