Tell George Lucas Why Star Wars Sucks

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Back in 1983 we're sure George Lucas got plenty of snail mail from angry fans telling him how much they hated the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, and asking him why he killed off Boba Fett in such a lame fashion. Now, 25 years later, he'll be getting another slew of berating fans, this time in the form of a documentary. The People Vs. George Lucas wants you to film interviews with yourself, or others, and send them in. They'll be compiled alongside interviews with "celebrities" where they hope it will end up in theaters. So if you've been posting on message boards for years, seething at Lucas, the prequels, and the special editions, this is your chance to let him have it. [Obsessed With Film]

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@tetracycloide: I think the proper way to address him would be Mr. Lucas. :)

My take: wonder if any of these people really ever liked SW, I mean, so much spit wasted for a movie. Never heard of diminishing returns?

Grow up (or join the u.k. jedis ...).