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Who knew River Tam was such an all-purpose badass? She's crushed two cybernetic organisms, a legendary starship captain and the Slayer. Can she defeat a Time Lord, who's lived ten lives and saved the universe? Plus a couple bonus rounds.


But on the off chance that the Doctor can't stop River, here's the clash many of you have been clamoring for:


And if River beats Brock Samson from the Venture Bros. as well? How about this:

That's right, the kid from the Twilight Zone. He'll send her to the Cornfield! What's she going to do about that?

If River wins all of these contests of badassery, she'll go on to face Batman, the Dark Knight, Gotham's watchful avenger tomorrow.


If any one of River's challengers beats her, than he'll face Batman tomorrow. If two of River's challengers win, then they'll have to face each other before going on to Batman. And if all three challengers win? We'll worry about that when it happens.

River Tam faces a threefold challenge — will she still be swinging tomorrow? You decide!


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