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Today in weirdly specific statistics, a recent study concludes more than 17,000 children are treated every year for TV-related injuries. That's about one every half hour, and roughly double the number seen in the early '90s. The reason? Televisions have become too skinny. Ah, the scourge of technological progress!


"Lighter weights coupled with a less bulky design may make flat panels more easily tipped than CRTs (cathode ray tube) and may be contributing to the observed increase in the rate of injuries associated with falling TVs," write study authors Ana C. De Roo, Thiphalak Chounthirath and Gary A. Smith in the latest issue of Pediatrics.

"Additional studies are needed to delineate the relative tip-over risks associated with CRT and flat panel display TVs."


The authors emphasize the need for increased prevention efforts, including public education, distributing TV anchoring devices, and redesigning new, thinner televisions to be more stable.

Read the full study, free of charge, in Pediatrics.

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