Teenage vigilantes dress like Batman and Flash to nab sex predators

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Well, I don't remember Alpha Flight ever going on this adventure. Three teenagers from Chilliwack, British Columbia recently decided it would be a ripping idea to lure would-be pedophiles to public places using fake internet profiles.

Once the clueless bastards showed up, the teenagers — wearing Batman and Flash costumes — would video tape the men and generally harass the hell out of them. But was anybody dressed as Captain Canuck?

Explains CTV:

Following the premise of NBC's "To Catch a Predator," three teenage boys from Chilliwack, B.C., lured a series of men to public places in the Fraser Valley and videotaped the meetings. Each of the men targeted were tricked into believing that a 15-year-old girl would be waiting for them. Instead, the men were greeted by teenage boys in superhero costumes who confronted them about their intentions.

In one incident, a teenage boy dressed up as Batman asked a man in a park if he was "here for the underage girl." In another, Batman and The Flash follow a man through a fast-food restaurant, telling the other patrons that he is both "a pedophile" and a "sex offender." The teenagers videotaped each confrontation and published them on YouTube. They called their project "To Troll a Predator."


In the end, the teenagers took down their YouTube sting operations and weren't charged with any crimes. Also, the police weren't able to identify any of the men the teens punked. Kids these days! Man, superheroes haven't been the same since Phoenix Jones unveiled his haircut.

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"Also, the police were unable to identify any of the men they punked."

Teh fuck? I saw one of those vids and they had a full profile picture and details of the guy, not to mention evidence.