Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Is a Mix of Endearing and Infuriating

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Two scenes from the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were screened for the throngs of people sitting in San Diego Comic Con's Hall H Thursday, and they were surprisingly entertaining. Except that every attempt to enjoy them was ruined by a gross moment that ruined it all.


The first scene took place 10 minutes into the film, and showed April O'Neil (Megan Fox), her iconic yellow jumpsuit reduced to a yellow jacket, running toward danger in a New York subway. There, the Foot Clan, led by Karai (Minae Noji), is holding people hostage in order to draw out the turtles. The lights go out as the turtles arrive, riding a subway train. We don't see anything more than a glimpse of them debating whether to go above ground. Even when they finally arrive, they're fighting to stay hidden. So there are only flashes of them and a lot of shaky cam in the fight scene where the turtles take out the Foot Clan.

April follows them to the roof, where they celebrate making it through the ordeal without getting seen. Just as they high-five for that, April takes a photo, the flash alerting them to what's happening. Raphael tries to threaten her into getting rid of the image but Leonardo steps in. Of course, this is the big reveal and seeing the turtles in all their glory causes April to pass out.


The endearing: Saying that Raph's threatening voice is "Christian Bale's Batman," to which he responds that he only saw it once.

The infuriating: Michelangelo saying, "She's so hot! I can feel my shell tightening!"

The second clip was an extended action sequence of the turtles, April, and Vernon Fenwick (Will Arnett) from the estate of Eric Sachs (William Fichner). As you'd expect, the action is great. April and Vernon drive a big rig while the turtles fight off the Foot Clan, as they all race down a snow-covered mountain. The turtles use their shells as sleds to get down the mountain, and that's particularly well done. Plus, Raph has a rocket-powered skateboard.

The Endearing: The moment where Donatello says "I've always wanted to try this" before using his spring-powered bo staff to pole vault a car that's chasing them.


The Infuriating: The lingering scene where Arnett ogles Fox's ass.

There were a few smaller clips as well, including April meeting Splinter, who says "nice to meet you again;" plus we got a look a Shredder, who is pretty badass. The footage was all very entertaining, light and slightly silly in the dialogue. Which alone wouldn't be bad, but every time you try to just turn your brain off and enjoy it for what it is, a moment of pure stupidity jolts you right back to remembering why there was so much backlash against this film in the first place.


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Donnie and Mikey had the hots for April in the first movies. WTF are you whining about baby?