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Be still my action-figure-loving heart: Could there possibly be another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movie in the works? Judging from the frenzy over the new TMNT toys at New York Comic Con, I'm not the only one excited to see the turtles the way they were meant to be seen. Click through for more details.


The TMNT CG cartoon movie came out in 2007 and apparently sales were good. So good that the producers released this statement: "Following the success of the ‘TMNT' theatrical release in 2007, Mirage licensing and Imagi studios have begun work on a new live-action TMNT film for 2010. It's the turtles like you've never seen them before! Shellalicious!" Fingers crossed they stick to the man-in-a-turtle-suit idea and don't go all CG Weta crazy. Who needs Beowulf-looking Turtles?

[Playmate Toys via Slashfilm]

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