Teenage exorcist squad has its debutante ball on national news

Remember Reverend Bob Larson's crack team of Satan-battling ingénues? Well, these holy warriors have gone national with their quest to vanquish evil, one horseback-riding montage at a time.


Yes, Brynne, Tess and Savannah — those black-belt-wielding teen exorcists of Phoenix, Arizona — are currently attempting to sell America wholesale on their fresh-faced brand of demon-fighting. And according to Larson, Satan's minions are paragons of persistence. In fact, the good reverend may be under the creeping influence of Mammon himself. Explains ABC News:

While Larson admitted that he was not a mental health expert, he said if a demon is "blocking the therapeutic help, the therapy's not going to go anywhere significantly."

"Get the demon out, the impediment, and then the therapy can go forward," Larson said.

What's more, Larson and the girls' exorcism sessions are not free, and he insists that one session almost never does the trick.


Larson's teenage devil slayers are currently entertaining offers for their own reality show and will (presumably) exorcise the grand opening of your mattress outlet or Volvo dealership.

[Via Nerdcore]

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Couldn't make this shit up about the state of American media if you tried....