Teen Titans Go and DC Super Hero Girls Are Taking a Space Vacation Together

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Screenshot: Cartoon Network

I can’t believe it took this long to happen, but Cartoon Network’s hit DC cartoons Teen Titan Go and DC Super Hero Girls are finally teaming up. The two shows and their heroes will join forces in a one-hour special this May when they both get invited to... the Space House. It’s in space.


The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, clarifying that while the Girls did briefly guest on a Titans episode, this is their first official team-up as they try to figure out who invited both groups to the aforementioned Space House for a space vacation. In space. Seriously, they say “space” at least 450 times in this trailer.

Unsurprisingly, it looks like a lot of fun! “Burgerritos” is pure Teen Titans silliness, I laughed out loud at Robin poking and getting scared by the magic wand flower in “Space Magical Land,” and that brief glimpse of a purple, triangular tentacle just screams Starro to me, and Starro’s always a good time.

The crossover will technically be an episode of Teen Titans Go titled “Space House” (it’s a house, but in space) which will air May 31. Space!

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I absolutely love that the Teen Titans Go brand is still thriving.