Thomas Dekker, also known as John Connor in the upcoming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and previously known as Claire's best buddy Zach in Heroes, is going for a science fiction trifecta. He's starring in the web series IQ-145, which has the tagline "Where television couldn't go." We've got the trailer, and some intel about the show.

The logline for the series goes like this:

Son of a renowned, inventor/futurist father, who has mysteriously committed suicide; Nate Palmer (T. Dekker) is recruited by a secret organization to help search for his fathers last experiment... only to discover that he may be the experiment itself.


So it sounds like it might be a little bit of Kyle XY meets The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes mixed with the sometimes overused plot device of having a genius father die, and his son steps in to pick up the reins. You know, like the Green Goblin, except with less pumpkin bombing. The trailer doesn't look half bad, although we're not really sure why television couldn't go there. You can watch new episodes sometime soon on the IQ-145 website, which right now seems to be just showing us a manhole cover... or is that a vault door?