This is shaping up to be the year of the lethal teenage girl, what with Vampire Academy and the third Hunger Games movie. And now add to that list Barely Lethal, a comedy in which True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld is an assassin trying to be a normal high-school girl.

Entertainment Weekly has your first images of this film from director Kyle Newman (Fanboys). Steinfeld plays a teen who was trained as a government agent by Samuel L. Jackson, who is probably more or less playing Nick Fury with slightly more hair and two eyes. She decides to drop out of being a super-agent and go to high school. Her former handler and current nemesis, played by Jessica Alba, wants to get her back — so she recruits another teen spy played by Sophie Turner (Sansa from Game of Thrones) to infiltrate the high school.


Says Newman, "She treats high school like a ­mission... Her briefing is Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and everything from Mean Girls to Clueless."

Check out another still from Barely Lethal, which comes out sometime this fall.


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