Teen Angst Stars in the Latest Trailer for Doug Liman's Jumper Spin-Off, Impulse

A rare smile from Henry (Maddie Hasson) on the YouTube Red show Impulse.
A rare smile from Henry (Maddie Hasson) on the YouTube Red show Impulse.
Photo: YouTube Red
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Impulse, the new YouTube Red show by Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, is about a girl with the ability to teleport. But you wouldn’t guess that from most of the latest trailer, which leans heavily on drama and pain before getting into the science fiction.


The show, which debuts on June 6, tells the story of Henry (Maddie Hasson), a young woman who moves to a new town. The outsider soon realizes her terrible seizures are something more than what they appear to be: They’re an inherent power. Check out the new trailer.

It makes sense that this trailer, much like the first one, kind of downplays the scifi elements. Impulse seems to be playing to the young YouTube audience—viewers who seem more likely to watch a show that looks like 13 Reasons Why or Riverdale rather than Star Trek or The Expanse. But Impulse will certainly have elements of both the scifi and teen genres, as it’s based on the third book in the Jumper series by Steven Gould. Hence Doug Liman, the director of Jumper, producing.


All 10 episodes of Impulse will premiere on June 6.


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As possibly one of the few who really liked Jumper and was sad it never got the sequel they were clearly setting up, I’m really excited about this.

And lets face it, Hayden Christensen isn’t doing much these days; they can probably get him to appear.