A Midnight Visit to the Apothecary of Horrors

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Here's wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween evening. May any monsters you encounter be mere mortals in suits. May any scares be waved off tomorrow as thrilling nightmares. And may your candy prove sweet and satisfying. Above is a crop from a much larger, grander image by John Kenn Mortensen.


Mortensen, a.k.a. Don Kenn (whose work we've featured in the past) has published a few collections of his inky monsters, most of whom he draws on Post-It Notes. More Post-It Monsters is currently available through Aben Maler.


[Don Kenn Gallery via lines and colors]

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"Teeeeed!" the decrepit can-toi apothecary yelled to his assistant.

The young human thrall appeared in the threashold of the enormous Storage Room. From the sound of Master Ssin-sino's voice,he knew there would be pain invoved if he took too long. The eyes in jar of heads seemed to follow him as he walked.


"Where are the Mi-Go Entrails? Don't tell me we're out because you drop them. Because if you did I'll sic the Tinglers all night upon your spine!"

"They're right there next to the Drowned Chaugnar,Master"

"Ah...good. His Majesty wants an special concoction and I'm going to need these. Now,my pet,fetch me the Aklo powders,some of those Pogotre embryos and some that gaswhale spine. After you're done,go clean the backstore."

" Someday..." Ted muttered under his breath like he did almost every hour of his existence.

"Did you say something? No? Mmm,remember,your name is Ted and it rhymes with..."

"Pet." Ted finished the phrase with a bow. But one day he'd leave behind this accursed shop and this accursed world.

[Give yourself a cookie if you figure out who Ted is without using Google]