Ted 2 Set Photo Promises More Flash Gordon

Illustration for article titled emTed 2/em Set Photo Promises More Flash Gordon

The sequel to Seth MacFarlane's big comedy hit Ted (centered around a kids' Teddy Bear that comes to life, grows up, and becomes a problematic adult Teddy Bear with a heart of gold) is currently under production. And main character Mark Wahlberg has released a slightly spoilery set photo that promises the return of Flash Gordon.

If you haven't seen the first movie, let me explain. Both Ted and Wahlberg's character John are obsessed with Flash Gordon. And some awesome things happen that directly relate to that obsession. And this newly tweeted set pic only promises more Gordon madness. We are so in.


Also, look at that pink bunting outside of what appears to be a church. Another wedding? A baptism? Who cares, we're just glad there's more Flash.

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Why does it say "Mark on the set of..."? Does he have someone who updates his Tweets for him? Not much important, just being curious.