Technology Terrors Come Alive in First Teaser for Hulu's Scifi Series Dimension 404

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Director Freddie Wong and showrunner Dez Dolly today shared the first peek at six-part scifi anthology series Dimension 404, which appropriately will begin airing on Hulu on April 4. It’s a very short teaser, but you see Patton Oswalt freaking out in a theater as part of an episode about a killer (literally) 3D movie.

[Bloody Disgusting]


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Hmm. Somebody tried to clone The Twilight Zone in a bath of Black Mirror stem cells but only spent somewhere between Tales from the Crypt and Mystery Science Theater 3000 money on it.

I’m all for Patton Oswalt (dude could probably come to my house and ask me for money and I’d find it a pleasant experience), and more scifi and/or horror anthologies are hard to argue to be anything but a good thing. But this looks derivative and unoriginal, sorry. I hope I’m wrong.

Oh, wait, it’s on Hulu. That paid subscription service that still thinks it can charge people for unskippable ads. I guess I won’t think anything of it because I won’t watch it. Learn it, Hulu: those of us with the tolerance for that level of greed anymore still have cable subscriptions, and don’t need to (or can’t afford to, at those rates) pay you anyway...