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One of the rare things we disliked about the first season of Netflix and Dreamwork’s new Voltron show was basically that it ended far too abruptly—and we really wanted more. The good news is that more is on the way real very soon, and we’ve got a tiny sneak peek of what’s to come.

Advertisement has revealed a new teaser for the show’s second season, which pretty much sets up where the first left off—each member of the team and their respective lion mechs flung off into mysterious new locations and cut off from each other. It doesn’t give us much indication of how the team will get back together, but hopefully it’s pretty soon into the new season, so we can get back to all the glorious combining robot action that made the show so fun to watch.


Frustrating cliffhanger finale aside, at least we don’t have to wait to see more of the show—season two is set to drop on Netflix later this year. More details about the show’s return will be revealed at the series’ New York Comic-Con panel this Friday, October 7.

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