Image: Dreamworks/Netflix

The last season of Voltron: Legendary Defender ended with our heroes facing a tempting, dangerous offer: An alliance with the disgraced Lotor, son of Galra Emperor Zarkon, to end the Galra Empire once and for all. If this new trailer for the next season is anything to go by, it’s a truce that will cause some big problems for the Paladins.

Dreamworks has dropped a brief new trailer for season five, which picks up immediately in the aftermath of team Voltron and the rebellion’s big win against the Galra in the climax of the last season. But despite scoring a major victory, there’s a long road ahead for the Paladins—one fraught with a lot of potential danger, not just from the Galra, but from within, now that they have a tenuous alliance with former Prince Lotor.

After an uneven, yet promising, fourth season—primarily made so by the weird decision to split one “complete” run of episodes into two, smaller seasons—hopefully this latest batch of Legendary Defender can get the show back to its strengths as it delves into bigger and more dangerous times for its erstwhile heroes.


Legendary Defender season five drops on Netflix March 2.