Team Jacob Gets A Nanobot Boost

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Not content with winning over the hearts of women of all ages with his sensitive portrayal of a shirtless boy who turns into a wolf, New Moon's Taylor Lautner is turning his attentions to the men with Max Steel.


Lautner has signed on to play the title role in Steel, which brings the Mattel toy line about an "extreme sports junkie" who gets turned into a superspy following an accident that leaves him full of nanobots to movies. According to Variety, Paramount are hoping that this could be another Transformers-esque successful franchise, but we think they're thinking too small: Maximize the Twilight crossover, get Robert Pattinson to sign on as main bad guy John Dread, make them spend half the movie shirtless and watch it become the most successful box office release ever.

Taylor Lautner to star in 'Max Steel' [Variety]

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