Team Black Lightning Is Playing Defense in the First Season 3 Trailer

Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart in some sort of strange facility.
Jefferson Pierce and Lynn Stewart in some sort of strange facility.
Image: The CW

When Black Lightning returns to the CW this fall for its third season, Jefferson Pierce and his increasingly superheroic family are going to be thrust into the center of a war between the corrupt forces in Freeland who were responsible for creating the town’s population of unstable metahumans, and the government of Markovia, which has designs to take the metas for itself.

In order to keep all of their secret identities from being exposed to the public, Team Black Lightning’s aligned itself with the same villains who once sought to destroy them. While the scale of the team’s problems is definitely going to be larger, the first trailer for the upcoming season suggests that Black Lightning’s still going to take its time to focus on the more grounded obstacles Jefferson, Lynn, Anissa, Jennifer, and Gambi are going to face. What remains to be seen, though, is any indication of how Black Lighting’s going to end up colliding with the rest of the Arrowverse in this year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths event.

Black Lightning’s back on the CW on October 7.

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Angrier Geek

Two Thing:

1) You can’t see it well in the clip, but they’re finally changing that ugly-ass costume:

2) Will the great Bill Duke ever get to direct an episode? If you’ve never seen Deep Cover you’re missing a nice little piece of modern day noir even if it is almost 30 years old. So old Lawrence Fishburne was still letting people call him “Larry.”