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In an interview with Sci Fi TV, Christopher Judge (Teal'c) reveals a little about the direct-to-DVDStargate: Continuum movie, and puts our minds at ease that even if he does end up on the wrong side of the staff the T'c is still gonna be all right. He also gets the rumor mill churning about Stargate feature films, and knocks Star Trek a little for letting trekkies treat Stargate like a "retarded cousin." But not even the greatest Jaffa warrior of all is privy to Stargate: Universe intel. Click through to read what the usually tight-lipped character has to say with little spoilers sprinkled throughout.


First question on our minds, now the Teal'c is Ba'al's bitch what does that make Teal'c? We know he's good on the inside, surely he wouldn't be down with Ba'als big plans, Judge clears up the misconceptions.

Well the perception of Teal'c before SG-1 entered the scene was that he was a bad guy, but he had been talking to Bra'tac for years (about rebelling against the evil Goa'uld), but he had to keep the facade of the status quo in order to have these back room machinations going on - so in Continuum it was much the same thing - only Teal'c aligned himself with Ba'al, because Ba'al offered him a chance to free his people. So it's still the same endgame, just a different route to get there.


Judge continues on, raving about the chances for a feature film and past Stargate battles.

Now with Universe coming along, we're at to the point where Stargate is no longer the 'retarded cousin' of the Star Trek franchise, but stands on equal footing. It wasn't ever that we were ever cowed by the Star Trek legacy, but we were always respectful of it. Finally as years went on, and some of the lustre was knocked off the franchise and we stopped being the 'red-headed step child'. [Laughs] It's amazing how we're perceived now. But - one Star Trek movie will bring it all back! [Laughs] But Continuum is not really shot for TV - everything is bigger. It's made to fit BIG screens. The Stargate feature films - it used to be something that was whispered about, but now I know it's being talked about.

But alas Judge knows nothing about Stargate: Universe because even if he's close friends with the men behind the machine, they won't reveal a thing. [Sci-Fi]

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