A traveling alien exhibit makes its way to the Miraikan, a science museum in Tokyo, in March. It may not be first time that the children of Asia will get to interact with extraterrestrial life, but it's probably the first time they've done it in a museum. The best part? The exhibition teaches kids that aliens exist and suggests ways of communicating with them. Hooray for cross-cultural understanding.


The exhibit consists of four zones:
Zone 1: Aliens as imagination. This includes everything from movies in aliens, the movie Alien, and interactive games wher eyou get to stomp on animated monsters.
Zone 2: The science of aliens. Space exploration. Do aliens exist? If they do, where and how? This zone will tell ya.
Zone 3: A giant interactive display that shows you the world of aliens.
Zone 4: Communicating with aliens. How to send and receive signals to other planets. Images by Miraikan

Miraikan main page (Japanese)

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