Teacher who read from "pornographic" Ender's Game won't face criminal charges

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Sanity appears to have prevailed in the case of an Aiken, SC teacher who read to his students from three books, including Orson Scott Card's award-winning Ender's Game. A student and his/her mother complained to the school and to the cops that this novel was "pornographic," and the teacher was suspended — and even faced criminal charges.


Now, the police have announced that "the teacher did not do anything criminal, and the police investigation is closed," according to the Aiken Standard newspaper. (And yes, that certainly means that the whole business about the teacher reading passages about ejaculating on a prostitute's face was indeed nonsense.)

According to the Standard, Ender's Game "became the focus of the probe when a 14-year-old student's mother complained about the subject matter of the book." There were two other books that the teacher read to class, one of which also contained swear words or upsetting content.

The unnamed teacher still faces the school's own investigation into his failure to follow school protocols and run the books past school officials before using them in class. But at least school officials told the Standard they hope the matter "will be resolved quickly." [Aiken Standard]


Enders Game was a good story and something I think many teens would connect to, but I wouldn't read it to them because I refuse to play any part in lining the pockets of a homophobe.

Case in point: