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TBS invites you to gawk at the geeks in this first unsurprisingly horrible King of the Nerds trailer

Honestly, this trailer for TBS' upcoming nerdsploitation reality game show King of the Nerds is actually somewhat better than I thought it would be. While the camera is obviously recording them at their nerdiest and most socially inept, the contestants actually seem like they could be pretty reasonable people when not told to act extra nerdy for a themed TV series. The games don't seem too rote and clichéd — I was horribly worried there would be a race where the nerds had to get to the other side without bullies stealing their lunch money, seriously — but instead there's giant d20s to roll and sumo wrestler attacks. I'm not a big fan of "put all the contestants in a house and watch them be awful to each other" thing, but that has nothing to do with them being nerds.


And yet, despite all these pleasant surprises, I still find the whole thing tortuous and unwatchable. Huh. Go figure.

[Via Comics Alliance]

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This will set the stage nicely for a new show I am pitching, its called "Aspergers House." We have 12 sexy young people with developmental disorders and severe social anxiety live in a house together and compete in different physical challenges. We will have tons of free alcohol in the house, ensuring that the kids will fuck/fight each other (this makes for compelling television).