Taylor Swift's New Video Is A Better Fairytale Movie Than Maleficent and Mirror Mirror Put Together

Seriously, Hollywood keeps making weird-ass fairytale movies. And they really ought to take a note from this insane new Taylor Swift video for “Out of the Woods,” which does for fairytales what her “Bad Blood” vid did for action movies.


I can’t wait to see all of the GIFs that people make from this video. What happens here? Basically, Taylor is in the woods, and she has a magic beanstalk of some sort, but she’s being chased by evil wolves. But then she learns to teleport and the wolves become her friends. But not until she jumps off a cliff and lands in the ocean and then finds herself in the frozen wintry landscape, because her teleportation powers have gone out of control. But at last she finds a special tree on the beach and uses it to find her wolf friends again. That’s my summary, based on watching this video once.

By coincidence, we were just randomly watching the “Bad Blood” video earlier today and talking about how Joseph Kahn (who also directed “Out of the Woods”) is an underrated director and we liked his unhinged Detention for what it was. And even though Vincenzo Natali probably would have made a more serious, respectful movie of Neuromancer, I bet Kahn’s version would have been entertaining as hell. Watch this video and tell me you wouldn’t watch this man’s Neuromancer.


Update: I made GIFs!


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Joseph Kahn directed the video for Everybody for the Backstreet Boys. I love that video with no irony. I won’t apologize. Don’t judge me.

There’s a partial library of music videos he has directed on his website. Even for people who don’t like his style, there are videos everyone will know. He just seems to be that guy who has worked with everyone.