Taylor Swift Says She Borrowed Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Costume for Halloween

Image: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

I’m having trouble believing that Ryan Reynolds let the Deadpool suit out of his sight for longer than a minute. But maybe the Halloween spirit moved him. Or maybe Swift was just joking.

Swift, like so many people this past Halloween, chose to be the Merc with a Mouth. Only, being Taylor Swift, she may have had some really special help with this:


In case that’s not showing up for you for some reason, it says, “Thanks @vancityreynolds [Ryan Reynolds’ account] for this costume, you’re the BEST deadpool inside contact ever.” This is being reported everywhere as her “borrowing” Reynolds’ hard-won version. In my mind, it’s more likely he helped her get a very realistic copy. Otherwise, they’re either the same size or she had his precious costume altered.

While I can’t find anything from Ryan Reynolds on this (I admit, I could have missed it. There are over 4,000 comments on this thing), his wife did leave a comment:

Is that really fair?

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