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Rumors are running wild that Taylor Swift is in line to play the blond superhero in a short red cape and shorter skirt, Supergirl. But don't hold you breath — we hear otherwise.

Hollyscoop is reporting that producers of the remake of Supergirl: The Love Story, a movie we haven't heard a thing about, are very interested in Taylor Swift for the title role.


Unfortunately we hear differently. Our own insider source in Swift's camp says, "Nothing is planned." This is how rumors get started, folks. A bunch of "Hollywood types," i.e. people who live in LA, are sitting around talking about movies they'd like to make and who'd they like to see in them, probably moved by Swift's generally humorous SNL appearance, and all of a sudden it's a cold hard fact.

As far as we know, Swift is not Kara Zor-El.

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