Tastes Like Teen Were-Puppy

It's time for "caption that New Moon werewolf porn" once again. What's Bella thinking as she runs her fists up and down the muscled torso of Jacob..."I could have been Dakota?" Now it's your turn: Caption this Twilight clip!

You know the rules: The best caption wins — and "Hey" doesn't count, because that's actually in the movie. New Moon will be released this Friday.


[Via The Jay Leno Show]

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"have you ever had a secret you couldn't tell anyone?" Jacob said in a whisper, as though the effort winded him.

"yes" said Bella, breathlessly.

"well I'm going to tell you mine" he sighed, breathlessly.

"Tell me..."

"I'm afraid..."

"You don't have to be afraid Jacob, not with me."

Jacob, sighing, turns and looks deeply into Bella's eyes, for a long time, a really long time. At the point where this whole crazy situation becomes awkward, he stares for just a little longer, and sighs.

Jacob takes a deep breath "I'm afraid..."

"Just take a deep breath and tell me." Bella breaths haltingly.

"I'm afraid of...shirts."

They embrace.

Star Wipe to Black.