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I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that Suicide Squad is a thing and, yes, it looks like it could be awesome. But what if it were brought to you by the one-and-only Quentin Tarantino? Well, then I think it would be too awesome and we would all explode in a giant fireball of awesomeness.

Loot Crate Productions (yes, that Loot Crate) gave us a sneak peek of Tarantino’s Suicide Squad in a parody trailer. During the short, Tarantino himself recruits some of his best characters to take on Inglorious Basterds’ Col. Hans Landa, along with his Nazi buddies.


You’ve got The Bride and Gogo from Kill Bill, Django from Django Unchained, Aldo from Inglorious Basterds, and even Jules from Pulp Fiction. Now, that’s what I call the ultimate team of diabolical anti-heroes.

Check out the trailer here :

[One Perfect Shot]


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