Gif: Screen Gems via Buzzfeed

There is no trope in spyfi thrillers quite like the image of an assassin donning a carefully selected wig before strutting down a hallway, gun in hand, on their way to eliminate a target. Taraji P. Henson knows this and in the first trailer for Proud Mary, she absolutely kills it. Figuratively. And then literally.

Henson stars as the film’s titular Mary, a hitwoman on the Boston mafia’s payroll whose life is suddenly derailed when she’s interrupted by a young boy during a job. The trailer hits all the sorts of beats you’d expect from an assassin action-thriller—plenty of guns, punching, and explosions—but there’s nothing quite like watching Taraji chug a bottle of Hennessy after a fight as Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” blares in the background:

Proud Mary hits theaters January 12th, 2018.