Take a video tour inside Guillermo del Toro's spooky house

If we could take a guided tour of one person's home, the answer would always be Guillermo del Toro. And now we can.


Back in 2009 GDT gave us a glimpse into his amazing workshop full of supernatural goodies and movie, TV and comic book memorabilia via Wired Magazine. But there's an even more elaborate GDT guided tour video online, showcasing his second home, Bleak House! THis was created for the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray release of Cronos way back in 2009, and we had absolutely no idea this video existed.

Thanks to Fire Wire for the heads up.

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Really? You would chose Guillermo del Toro over, say, Tim Burton, who must also have a super creepy house? Or George Lucas, just to look at all the SW stuff? Or Stan Lee's and see all that comic book awesomeness?

I once knew a man who had the most amazing movie paraphernalia collection, including the Maltese Falcon, a pair of Dorothy's slippers, Scarlet O'Hara's curtain dress, among many many other iconic items. His house could not hold everything and a lot of it was too precious (like the slippers), so it was stored away in climate-controlled vaults. He loaned a bunch of the stuff to museums, including the slippers, which were, unfortunately, later stolen.

I've also been inside the Disney archives, and that is freaking amazing, especially since they have more than just what is considered classically Disney, considering that they now own Miramax and Marvel and many times they'll take over those vaults. I saw the original Mary Poppins paintings, costumes from Shakespeare in Love—the amount of stuff they have in the front room alone is astounding, with so much more in the back.