Gygax Magazine launched earlier this year — named for one of the creators of Dungeons & Dragons, and featuring the involvement of Gary Gygax's sons. Now TSR's given us a sneak preview of their second issue, due next week, featuring a cover by Jeff Easley.

The cover features Easley's classic and instantly recognizable style, and is not one of his more widely known works (it appeared on a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but not many other places, as far as I can tell). Check out the full cover below.

TSR also shared the production image of issue #2's table of contents. The dedication to the classic style of Dragon Magazine circa 1985 is obvious, but this isn't just a nostalgia trip for fans of out of print AD&D editions. Gygax #2 features articles on a number of modern fantasy RPGs and board games (I count five different systems mentioned in the ToC), plus some interesting pieces on writing adventures and the history of gaming.


You can find more information on Gygax Magazine at the official site. Issue #2 will ship on August 14, and will be available at Gen Con too.