Donald Erdman was a scientific aide in the Division of Fishes, United States National Museum (later the National Museum of Natural History) from 1947 to 1950. In 1948, Erdman was part of a fisheries survey of the Persian Gulf and Red Sea under the Arabian American Oil Company. The Smithsonian has digitized his notes from that trip, and they're all available for your perusal.

In the flickr gallery, the Smithsonian describes Erdman's work:

Between March and August of 1948 he collected nearly 5,000 fishes for the USNM. His field notes for the survey are incredibly rich, including daily narratives of collecting events and observations as well as detailed renderings of sea life, birds, landscape, and activities of local inhabitants. Images were taken from his digitized field books.

The images are a fascinating look at the process of a American researcher from decades ago. Here are a few more of Erdman's drawings:

And here's a page from Erdman's field journal, where he lists the scientific, English, and Arabic names of various fish species:

You can see more documents from Erdman at the Smithsonian. His account book — which he used to keep drawings when he ran out of room in his journal — is here. And his notes and lists are here.