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Taissa Farmiga Is A Creepy Serial Killer Who Outwits A Psychic In Anna

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Jeez, this first trailer for Anna (the movie formerly known as Mindscape) is creepy as hell. Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story) is Anna, a narcissistic weirdo who may have killed three girls. And Mark Strong is the guy who has the power to get inside your memories. He doesn't stand a chance.


Here's the official synopsis of Anna, coming to select theaters on June 6:

Leading man Mark Strong plays John Washington, a detective with the unique ability to enter people's minds and memories (presumably to help people recall event details pertinent to solving cases). Washington takes on the case of a troubled teenage girl named Anna, played by up-and-coming young actress Taissa Farmiga, who is accused of an attempted triple homicide. To uncover the mystery surrounding Anna and her story, Washington will enter her mind and try to find out the truth: is Anna capable of killing, or is there something hidden in her memories that shows otherwise?

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Craig Michael Ranapia

I'm sure Mark Strong is a perfectly lovely human being, but given his filmography I'd rather gnaw my own arm off than let him take my hands, let alone rummage around in my brain. :)