Tahmoh Needs A Chart To Keep Dollhouse Straight

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We're not saying that new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse is going to be confusing or anything, but a recent interview with star Tahmoh Penikett suggests that attention may need to be paid, nonetheless.

Talking to the LA Times about his new role, Penikett said that he's feeling good about his new home despite production worries:

I don't like panicking... I'm also old enough now where I try not to stress over things too much.


But in the middle of his attempt to persuade the Times' reporter about Dollhouse's long term prospects, he managed to make us pause for thought:

"I knew 'Battlestar' would go on for a while. You could feel it," Penikett said.

He added that the feeling was the same on "Dollhouse" — even while he was having a tough time keeping track of his character's now-jumbled story. "One of the writers told me they had to make a chart for Paul's arc to keep it all straight," he said. "We just shot Episode 9, and I'm only now beginning to figure things out."

Okay, on the one hand, yay for complex storytelling. On the other, I'm a fan of intentionally complex storytelling, not something that the writers say requires a chart to "keep it all straight." Here's looking forward to February 13th and see whether we viewers will require scorecards as well.

Faces to watch: Tahmoh Penikett [LA Times]


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The relative brains of Squinty McConfusedguy up there aside, people in general don't watch television they have to pay attention to.

He just rang the death knell for the show, with the exact same sentence that clues me into the fact I should be watching it before it gets canceled in four episodes.