Tagging great whites isn't easy, as this preview of National Geographic's Shark Men proves

Here's an exclusive clip from tonight's episode of National Geographic's Shark Men. Tonight's episode sees the team attempt to tag great whites off of Mexico's Guadalupe Island, but the great whites aren't cooperating.

Here's the synopsis of "As Big As A Boat," which airs tonight at 10 PM on the National Geographic Channel:

The Shark Men are headed back to the waters where they have successfully caught and tagged almost a dozen sharks; Guadalupe Island. Dr. Domeier almost has enough data to support his theory about great whites mating at the island. But still needs a few more blood samples, his primary target; adult females. No matter how familiar the waters are nothing goes off without a hitch for this team.

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For a second there I thought you meant spray painting sharks.

I imagine that would have been significantly more difficult, yet far more rewarding.