Is this the death knell of the delivery guy? A group of aspiring to start delivering tacos via unmanned drone straight to your feet. Unfortunately, the FAA isn't so keen on the idea.

Star Simpson (whom some of you may remember as the MIT student who accidentally triggered a bomb scare at Logan Airport in 2007), Dustin Boyer, and Scott Torborg are the brains behind Tacocopter, which is right now just a conceptual piece, but which they dream of turning into a reality. The premise is simple: You order tacos from your smartphone, transmitting your coordinates from the phone's GPS. Soon, a quadcopter would arrive and drop piping hot tacos right at your feet.


Sounds pretty neat, but unfortunately it's not precisely legal. Current FAA regulations forbid the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for commercial purposes, even delicious ones. And there are still other kinks to work out — like how to keep the Tacocopter from crashing into birds and how to keep customers from stealing the Tacocopter.

So barring the development of a pirate taco drone delivery service, the Tacocopter will have to remain, for a while, simply a delicious concept.

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